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Flexible Displays

The display segment is the ultimate market segment that will benefit from the use of high performance barrier films. The segment will be led by the mass commercialization of the Flexible Organic-based displays. Standard inorganic displays need high performance barrier films for better performance, for instance, Quantum Dot Filters for LCD planel. Tera Barrier is preparing to lead the way with leading edge technology in high performance barrier films to enable display firms to conceptualize and productize these flexible displays.

Flexible Lightings

Organic Light Emitting Diode for lighting manufacturers require ultra high barrier film coated plastic substrates with demonstrated water vapor transmission rates. TBF is advancing with leading edge technology in ultra-high performance barrier films to enable display manufacturers to design new flexible devices.

Flexible Photovoltaics

With the increased awareness in cleantech, solar is one of the key thrusts in the effort to reduce dependency on fossil fuels to power our lives. Within the solar industry, there are several technologies used to build photovoltaic (PV) cells. The current de-facto standard is silicon based rigid solar panels. Newer generation of PV material takes advantage of new technologies utilising thin film PV to ceate flexible, lightweight solar panels, which are ideally suited for building integrated PV (BIPV). Thin Film Solar is known to be less efficient as compared to crystalline silicon, with the average efficiency hovering at 10%, but will be cheaper to manufacture if large scale roll to roll production is utilised, compared to silicon based batch processing. Key to wider adoption of this solar technology is the durability of the module. One of the standards which has to be met is the degradation of the solar panel due to moisture penetration into the device,, thus impacting the useful lifetime of the solar panel. Tera-Barrier has already achieved the required barrier properties for such flexible solar panels.

Flexible Electronics

TBF’s high performance barrier films are most appropriately applied to applications and usage that requires that level of performance and robustness. A thin, clear, flexible substrate with gas barrier properties equal to those of a sheet of glass is the "holy grail" of the nascent plastic electronics industry. Flexible electronics offer substantial rewards in terms of being able to develop devices that are thinner, lighter, robust, and conformable and which can be rolled away when not required.

Medical Packaging

For barrier applications in the medical packaging industry, an aluminium foil laminate barrier film is currently being used due to its excellent barrier properties. There are several disadvantages with Al laminates however, which is why new alternate barrier films are required. ideally, such barrier films should be transparent (that the contents can be seen), flexible, stretchable, not contain Aluminium (for environmental reasons) and also cost effective. TBF's new barrier film technology incorporates those properties, with its WVTR and OTR properties comparable to Aluminium foil laminate, being transparent and stretchable and does not interfere with RF electronics so it is easy to integrate into RFID devices. From sustainability point of view there has been tremeondrous interest in moving away from Al. Our barrier layer is thus ideally suited for these medical packaging applications.

Food Packaging

The driving force in this market is to replace the non-transparent aluminum foil to a transparent one, in which the consumer is able to look at the product. The other requirement depending of the end-product will be ability to microwave (non-metallized product). A patented encapsulated single nanoparticle layer (700 nm) on PET substrate achieved WVTR of 5x10-2 g/m2 (@40°C and 90% RH)with stretchability of greater than 5%, and transmittance of 86% (@550nm).

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