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New packaging plastic that protect as good as aluminum foil, January 2014
Tera-Barrier films receives further endorsement via an investment and exclusive distribution agreement from Kisco Ltd, January 2011
Singapore-based Tera-Barrier films receives investment from Applied Ventures to commercialize moisture-resistant films for plastic electronics, August 2009
Singapore research produces world's best protection from moisture and oxygen, April 2008
Interview of Senthil Ramadas, CTO, by Channel News Asia on launch of Tera-Barrier Films Pte. Ltd
Singapore research produces world’s best protection from moisture and oxygen, April 28th 2008 (A*Star)
Singapore-Based Tera-Barrier Films Receives Investment from Applied Ventures to Commercialize Moisture-Resistant Films for Plastic Electronics, August 25, 2009
A Star spin-off draws US venture capital funding, August 26th 2009 (Businesss Times)
Applied Materials jumps into the flexible encapsulant game, August 26th 2009 (Analyst Insight, Lux Research)
A Step Closer to Bendable Flat Screens, August 26th 2009 (Straits Times)
Official Opening of Tera-Barrier Films Pte Ltd in Singapore, August 28th 2009 (NanoGlobe)
Advanced protection for plastic electronics, October 29th 2009 (A*Star)
A*STAR start-ups well-positioned to tap good investment opportunities in Singapore’s nanotechnology sector, Janaury 22nd 2010 (A*Star)
Visit to Tera-Barrier provides more details on company's development roadmap, September 29th 2010 (Analyst Insight, Lux Research)
Tera-Barrier Films Receives Further Endorsement Via an Inverstment and Exclusive Distribution Agreement from KISCO Ltd., January 21st 2011 (A*Star)
Thin transparent flexible film having a high-moisture barrier, Kisco is launched, January 25th 2011 (Nikkei BP)
An impermeable wrap for future electronics, August 31st 2011 (A*Star)
An impermeable wrap for future electronics, September 2nd 2011 (Phys.Org)
New encapsulation makes plastic electronics more cost-effective, October 1st 2011 (Plastic Electronics)
Tera-Barrier prototype films doubles life of flexible solar devices, October 17th 2011 (Printed Electronics World, IDtechEx)
Tera-Barrier to commercialise nano-based barrier film from 2012, January 16th 2012 (Plastic Electronics)
Tera-Barrier begins to scale production of its barrier films, January 24th 2012 (Analyst Insight, Lux Research))
Barrier Films for Flexible Electronics 2013-2023: Needs, Players, Opportunities, April 1st 2013 (IDTechEx)
Ahead of the curve: but bendable screens still seek breakthrough, April 14th 2013 (Reuters)
New packaging plastic that protects as good as aluminium foil, January 6th 2014 (A*Star)
Nanoparticles boost barrier properties of plastic film, January 8th 2014 (
Start-up's plastic film set to revolutionise food packaging, January 9th 2014 (The Business Times)
New TBF nano-film to challenge aluminium as low permeability barrier, March 2nd 2014 (Sustainability-in-Packaging, Smithers Pira)
Super-barrier nanofilm stretches packaging applications, August 12th 2014 (Packaging Digest)
Barrier Layers for Flexible Electronics 2015-2025: Technologies, Markets, Forecasts, September 1st 2014 (IDTechEx)
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